Forestry Demo Fairs Network

International network guarantees high safety and quality levels for visitors and exhibitors

Everyone who visited a forestry demo fair arranged on a forest site knows it is something extraordinary. Machinery is working live in the forest, with trees falling while the audience wishes to come as close as possible to the demonstration. Behind the demonstrations, a lot of effort is made to guarantee a high level of safety.

- A good way to develop is to benchmark with other organizations in the same business. We have stretched the concern for the safety one step further in the Forestry Demo Fairs Network, says Per Jonsson from Elmia Wood. In mid February representatives from leading forestry demo fairs met in Paris to relaunch the Forestry Demo Fairs Network, FDF.

The membership in the FDF requires that the organizer fulfils defined quality and safety standards applicable on forestry fairs arranged on a forest site. - The FDF Quality label is open to any demo fair that fulfils the standards, says the chairman of the network, Dr. Reiner Hofmann (KWF).

The fair organizers behind the new Quality label are KWF (Germany), Elmia Wood (Sweden), Euroforest (France) and EkoLas (Poland). Several international organizers have shown interest in becoming members.

On the network webpage, the safety and quality standards will be presented, as well as a calendar and short presentation of the members.

For more information

Please contact Prof. Dr. Ute Seeling, KWF,
tel +49 6071 785 30, email