Functional Food – serve up your message over lunch

Functional Food

Combining food with a talk is as popular as it is simple. Visitors in the audience enjoy a free lunch while they digest what your company has to say. You are responsible for the content, which could be about anything from a product launch to an exciting new project, or something else of your own choice.


Further information

Functional Food is a lunchtime event and is organised differently depending on the conditions of each fair. You pay a fixed price, regardless of how many people come and listen.

The price includes the daily special and a soft drink for the guests, as well as marketing of the talk to visitors and exhibitors both before and during the fair.

Please contact your salesperson at Elmia to find out more.

Do you have any questions about prices or about achieving the best mix for your participation in the fair?

Andreas Forsberg 
+46 36-15 20 42