Fair Cards - Jurisdiction to work on the Fair

To show your permision to the fair as Exhibitor or co-worker, please display your Jurisdiction Card clearly throughout your stay in the fair ground.

Exhibitor Cards

Exhibitor Cards are needed by the stand staff working in the stand during the fair. The cards are not personal.

Please note! Exhibitor cards has to be picked up in the Fair Office in Lobby South.

Exhibitor at Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show will get cards to be used by the exhibitor’s stand personnel.

The number of exhibitor cards are based on payed stand area, se below.

0-12 kvm max 3 exhibitor cards
14-25 kvm max 4 exhibitor cards
26-50 kvm max 5 exhibitor cards
51-100 kvm max 8 exhibitor cards
101 - 300 kvm max 15 exhibitor cards
300 - 500 kvm max 25 exhibitor cards

Lost card will not be replaced.

Exhibitors are allowed into the fair grounds two hours before the fair opens and may remain there for one hour after the fair has closed.

More exhibitor cards can be ordered and will be charged SEK XXX:-/each (excl. VAT).

Parking Cards

The parking areas at Elmias are connected to parking meters. Exhibitors have the possibility to order parking cards for SEK 288 (excl. VAT) each. The cards are valid during the whole fair even during moving -in and -out.

Parkering areas for exhibitors with Parking Card - via Delivery Entrance 18

Please note! Parking Cards has to be picked up in the Fair Office in Lobby South.

Constructions Cards

For safety reasons, anyone working on stand construction must have a Construction Card. Construction Cards are only valid during the moving-in and moving-out periods.

Please note! Constructions Cards has to be picked up in the Fair Office in Lobby South.