14 - 17 May 2024

Exhibitor's activities

Attend a seminar with OpiFlex

Sustainable and flexible automation of seasonal production through dynamic resource management (FLAP) are disseminating at Elmia!

Wednesday 15 May, 10:00-11:30

Do you wonder how research projects can help your company to solve complex engineering problems? Come and meet the team of the FLAP project. In this session we will discuss a set of complex engineering problems affecting the food beverages industry and the solutions devised within the project to tackle them. We will talk about robotic palletization of complex orders where packages have many different geometries, the pallet requires the insertion of support materials and custom orders usually push companies to rely in manual re-palletization. We will talk about how flexible/movable robotic solution couple to AI have help companies automating these processes and think about them from a different perspective. Hear from the scientists and companies behind the project. 

After the presentation there will a demonstration of a robot system performing complicated palletizations tasks in the exhibition hall of Elmia. 

The project was financed by the strategic innovation program Produktion2030 supported by VINNOVA, Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.  

Participants: Johan Frisk (OpiFlex), Luis Ribeiro (Linköping University and project coordinator), company representatives

Location: Conference room 11 in Jönköping Konsert & Kongress.

Exhibitor: OpiFlex

Registration: To listen to the seminar, pre-registration is required.