Valk Welding

Welding automation with a high grade of automation and flexibility

April 2016 - Valk Welding develops and manufactures welding robot systems with offline programming suitable for a production environment, where the focus is on high mix - low volume. With the sales and installation of more than 2.500 industrial robots and a monthly supply of more than 600 tons of solid welding wire, Valk Welding is one of the largest independent suppliers of welding equipment in Europe. Valk Welding is active in Sweden since 2013.
At its second presentation at Elmia Automation, Valk Welding will show a weldingrobotcell with a high grade of automation and flexibility. The welding robot system which is build on an E-frame construction, has two worktables near each other and a Panasonic welding robot on a track. One worktable has a dropcentre. In this concept, the welding robot has an optimal reach to complex workpieces. The installation can be used for MIG and TIG welding in an automatic, unmanned situation. Therefor the welding robot installation is equipped with an automatic torch exchange system. Workpieces can be weld with MIG and TIG in the same workpiece without interruption of an operator. For maximal flexibility Valk Welding offers offline programming with Panasonic DTPS.

Valk Welding also will show the newest TM and TL series welding robots from Panasonic. The new TM series was specifically developed for the arc welding process and is still the only welding robot with a welding power source and robot controls integration in one single CPU. Also the speed, acceleration and declaration have been increased even further in the new TM and TL series, which has improved performance by another step. The rate of movement of the three main axis of the robot is another 22% higher than the earlier TA series.

Valk Welding,
Elmia Automation Mässa, hall D – Stand D03-16