Revolutionary parts handling system from Sweden

DETAB ECOMAT is a small Swedish company who has been able to accomplish great improvements for many well-known industrial giants. The DETAB automation parts handling system, which is unique of its kind, is able to revolutionize many current mechanical and manual industrial handling processes. The feeding system, the Dyna Glide Flex Feeder, and the vision system, the ECOVISION 5000, can be seen in operation at the ELMIA Automation trade fair in May.


Forget mechanics – invest in automation
The DETAB ECOMAT system consists of two major parts: the DG Flex Feeder, a vibratory feeder for quiet and non-damaging handling of parts and components. Using micro vibration technology, this gently separates and conveys parts to the next stage of the process. The ECOVISION 5000 is an integrated quality control vision system for automatic counting, positioning and sorting of parts of any possible designs. Together, these form a complete handling system which is fully flexible, product independent and capable of handling parts measuring from 3 to 200 mm. The DG Flex Feeder and the ECOVISION 5000 may be used for sorting parts which are to be packed in bags, boxes or cartons for direct delivery to customers – or for further production processing.
– At this time, when everything must be done as quickly and as faultlessly as possible, our system offers new possibilities for many industries. Jobs which are currently carried out by Chinese subcontractors may as well be performed at home. In fact, some of our customers have relocated their production to Sweden since they started using our system. There are many obvious examples that it is viable to increase production capacity and efficiency while at the same time reducing the number of operational errors to a minimum. Another benefit is that our system is a relatively low investment which means it is ideal for small companies, says Jens Einarson, managing director of DETAB ECOMAT.

Total process control
The ECOVISION 5000 scans the parts which are being conveyed on the vibratory feeder, and sorts them in the correct designs, numbers and sizes, as well as rejecting any non-conforming parts. Up to 200 parts may be handled in less than one minute. The same system may be programmed to handle several hundred different parts. Each new part is scanned from different angles to be prepared for further handling in a few minutes. The DG Flex Feeder and ECOVISION 5000 system is currently used by several major companies within a variety of different industries. The system is based on standard module technology for series production and is manufactured in Jönköping, Sweden. The DETAB ECOMAT stand will certainly be a centre of attraction at the Elmia Automation exhibition later this spring!
– Some of our customers use our system for up to 800 parts of varying shapes and sizes, which means every one must be processed in exactly the same way without any damage. Our system meets all these requirements and is also very simple to use, adds Jens Einarson.
The system may be extended with several optional extras, such as software for database based handling of mixed product packaging, buffer conveyors for inter-operative feeders, and pallet and box tippers for large product volumes.
DETAB ECOMAT Automation AB is among the leading developers and manufacturers of material handling systems for conveying and positioning of parts and components using vibratory technology. The ECOVISION 5000 has been developed by our subsidiary company, DETAB VISION AB. |