DG Flex Feeder - World-leading material handling systems from Jönköping

The Swedish Automation company DETAB ECOMAT has developed the world's leading DG Flex Feeder that will revolutionize material handling for all companies that want to streamline their manufacturing processes. DG Flex Feeder carries components smart and smooth while monitored by the intelligent camera system ECOVISION 5000 that can control, sort, position and count. DG Flex Feeder can be used for feeding robots, automatic packing, quality control and sorter for the next machining operation. The flexibility of the management system makes it suitable for Industry 4.0.
Low investment. Large profit.
"At a time when everything goes faster with a lower tolerance for errors, our DG Flex Feeders create completely new opportunities for a variety of industrial sectors. The same work that Western-based companies invest in low-wage countries, can now be done at home" says Jens Einarson, CEO of DETAB ECOMAT. "We actually have customers who have moved back production to Sweden since they started using the DG Flex Feeder. It proofs that you can increase the capacity and efficiency while errors decreases in materials handling. Furthermore, our system is a relatively low investment with is possible for smaller companies. "
Standard products.
DG Flex Feeder, available in two sizes, are standard products which leads to faster delivery and less maintenance. The products are produced in Jönköping. Here customers also can bring their components and test the flow of materials so they can verify their capacity needs and how many DG Flex Feeder they need. The low investment despite, the material handling system is very flexible. It can handle up to 300 parts per minute in all sorts of shapes and materials in sizes between 1-150 mm.
Quick start-up. Rapid changes.
"We have customers using DG Flex Feeder for up to 800 components in different shapes, sizes and varieties. The material handling must be accurate at all times so that no material damage. Our system can handle it, and is also easy to start-up and use. Yesterday we started a plant in half an hour "says Jens Einarson.

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