Cajo Technologies

Cajo launches the most innovative laser marking solution Cajo Sirius at Elmia fair!

Cajo Technologies, the leading manufacturer of laser marking machinery in the Nordic countries, is launching a brand new product at Elmia Automation Fair.
The new solution is called Cajo Sirius, an it´s innovativeness is based on the new laser technology, created and patented by Cajo Technologies, and on the flexible marking head of the new product.

System´s fiber laser enables permanent markings on numerous materials, like metals, coated metals, and plastics. Cajo´s own patented method allows for all the colors of the rainbow on the surface of stainless steel, without any additives or pigments.

The ability to adjust the marking head of Cajo Sirius into almost any angle makes it possible to mark even the most challenging objects. The markings are fast and extremely precise. The system can be adjusted to mark moving objects, including vertically moving objects.

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