News from Elmia Automation

Filled halls at Elmia’s industrial fairs

Success was ensured when Elmia created a common arena for the entire Swedish manufacturing industry. The four days featured record visitor numbers and business deals made on the spot. 

Jens Lindfeldt shows a hydraulic pump with Condition Monitoring in the background.

Bosch Rexroth is offering a configurable hydraulic application that can be managed via a website. The Condition Monitoring system is being shown at Elmia Automation.

From left, part-owners Jacob Lundin Cim Bergdahl and Tomas Burman of BLB Industries present “The Box” at Bosch Rexroth.

“The Box” is the name of one of the world’s biggest and fastest 3D printers. It is made by BLB Industries in Värnamo, Sweden and can be seen at Elmia Automation.

Joakim Lorentsson of KUKA described tomorrow’s robotics during Elmia Automation.

New challenges, new possibilities and new chances. That’s how Joakim Lorentsson, sales manager at KUKA, concluded his seminar “Tomorrow’s robotics” at Elmia’s Automationscentralen.

“We’ve talked about Industry 4.0 for some years and now the products are here,” he said.

No one can doubt the eagerness to invest at Elmia’s industry arena. From when the doors opened to the four fairs and up until Thursday many deals worth many millions have been made on the arena floor. And the race to make deals seems to be continuing.

“We’ve got more in the pipeline – a lot will be concluded after the fair,” says Jonas Whilborg, CEO of Stenbergs.

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The trend towards automation is getting ever stronger. That’s the message from statistics presented by Anders Ekdahl, chair of the think tank AutomaTHINK and CEO of Swedish Industry Association (Sinf), on the first day of Elmia Automation.


A new trade fair for sheet metal working at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, has received a very positive reception from the industry. Elmia Sheet Metal will be held alongside three other trade fairs on 10-13 May 2016, jointly forming an important, strong foundation for the Swedish manufacturing industry. 

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Elmia Automation ended on Friday. It was a fair that together with the industry aimed to reinforce Sweden’s manufacturing industry.
“This was the most comprehensive automation fair for the manufacturing industry that’s ever been arranged in Sweden,” says project manager Lina Kåvestam.

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Dennis Librell, sales manager at Fanuc, presents the unique solution Fanuc M–10iA/10S in the company’s stand at Elmia Automation.

There is literally movement in the stands at Elmia Automation. Not least at the stand of Fanuc, which is presenting a world-unique binpicking solution during the fair.
"If you ask me what's of most interest to industry at the moment it is definitely this model," says Dennis Librell, sales manager for Sweden and other countries.

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Torbjörn Egerhag, Jonas Ewing and Anders Granstrand took part in the seminar Quality is Spelled Plastic organised by Elmia Polymer during Elmia Automation.

Plastic is cheap to automate and the result is high quality. Elmia Polymer’s seminar Quality is Spelled Plastic offered many new approaches, above all for small and medium-size companies (SMEs).

“A lot of it’s about what you want yourself,” explained Jonas Ewing, CEO of Rosti GP in Gislaved, Sweden. “Many small companies focus too little on earning money, so they don’t speed up their production development either.”

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Stefan Drakensjö, ABB

Already on the first day of Elmia Automation the trade fair floor was packed with both visitors and robots. It’s clear that the fair has grown since it was launched two years ago.

“This is a hugely important fair for us and also for getting more automation into the manufacturing industries,” says Stefan Drakensjö, sales and marketing manager for robotics at ABB.

ABB has a large stand at Elmia Automation, The company aims both to demonstrate its breadth and to exhibit reliable automation solutions.

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Sweden is a strong country when it comes to expertise in automation, and this lays a solid foundation for dynamic domestic production in the future. After suppliers of automation components, system integrators will be the largest exhibitor group at Elmia Automation when the fair is held again in May 2014.

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