It’s a race to make deals at Elmia’s industry arena

No one can doubt the eagerness to invest at Elmia’s industry arena. From when the doors opened to the four fairs and up until Thursday many deals worth many millions have been made on the arena floor. And the race to make deals seems to be continuing.

“We’ve got more in the pipeline – a lot will be concluded after the fair,” says Jonas Whilborg, CEO of Stenbergs.

The premiere of Elmia Machine Tools in Jönköping, Sweden could not have begun better. The exhibitors in Hall B are satisfied and almost all of them have talked about industry’s desire to invest. On the very first day deals were signed for million-kronor figures. And this has continued. Stenbergs, DMG MORI and Ahlsell Maskin are just a few of all the companies to have sold machines at the fair.

“There is an incredible atmosphere in the hall and we are very satisfied with our choice to exhibit. We will definitely be back next time,” commented Patrick Almquist, Sales Manager at DMG MORI, after Wednesday’s close.

In Hall A, where Elmia Sheet Metal is located, there was also great activity. Exhibitors there are offering many exciting new solutions. One example is the industrial container in three different sizes being launched by Maxon Sweden AB.

“The interest has been incredible – more than we’d dare to hope,” said Tomas Ymsjö, sales manager at Maxon. “We’ve already made some deals. One of the containers we’ve exhibited here in Jönköping will go home with the customer on Friday.”

At Kontrollmetod, whose business consists partly of non-destructive testing and materials analysis, activity at the stand has been hectic.

“There’s been a huge amount of people here and even if we’re not signing contracts right away, we’ve begun many dialogues that will lead to deals in time, I’m convinced of that,” said Magnus Brandt, salesman at Kontrollmetod, which is exhibiting at Elmia Welding and Joining Technology together with its sister companies, Axson, Meltolit and Fronius.

Would you like to see what tomorrow’s welders can do? You can do that at the stage in Hall C in a live broadcast from the Swedish Professional Welders’ Championships, which are underway in Malmö.

Collaborative robots were a theme for the entire day at Elmia Automation. It began with a panel debate at Automationscentralen and then ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa and Universal Robotics each presented just what they had to offer. The picture they gave shows an exciting future. Göran Manske of ABB spoke of a paradigm shift and said it’s important to be involved in it from the start.

“Give it some thought, get familiar with the technology and throw yourself into it completely. Buy now and pick off the low-hanging fruit first. If you’re out early it will be faster for you to get up to speed,” he said during the panel debate.

Friday promises to be no less exciting at Automationscentralen when we take a peek into the future and the fourth industrial revolution.