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April 2016 - Valk Welding develops and manufactures welding robot systems with offline programming suitable for a production environment, where the focus is on high mix - low volume. With the sales and installation of more than 2.500 industrial robots and a monthly supply of more than 600 tons of solid welding wire, Valk Welding is one of the largest independent suppliers of welding equipment in Europe. Valk Welding is active in Sweden since 2013.
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Cajo Technologies, the leading manufacturer of laser marking machinery in the Nordic countries, is launching a brand new product at Elmia Automation Fair.
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The Swedish Automation company DETAB ECOMAT has developed the world's leading DG Flex Feeder that will revolutionize material handling for all companies that want to streamline their manufacturing processes. DG Flex Feeder carries components smart and smooth while monitored by the intelligent camera system ECOVISION 5000 that can control, sort, position and count. DG Flex Feeder can be used for feeding robots, automatic packing, quality control and sorter for the next machining operation. The flexibility of the management system makes it suitable for Industry 4.0.
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DETAB ECOMAT is a small Swedish company who has been able to accomplish great improvements for many well-known industrial giants. The DETAB automation parts handling system, which is unique of its kind, is able to revolutionize many current mechanical and manual industrial handling processes. The feeding system, the Dyna Glide Flex Feeder, and the vision system, the ECOVISION 5000, can be seen in operation at the ELMIA Automation trade fair in May.
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On May 6-9, 2014, Robotdalen participates at the fair Elmia Automation in Jönköping, Sweden. The fair focuses on how automation investments can increase the productivity and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. A focus that aligns well with Robotdalen’s efforts to develop innovative and flexible solutions based on end-user needs. Experts will share their advice on robot investments with visitors that want to learn more about investing in robot automation.

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