Mingel and Stand events

Mingle and stand events at Elmia

Buffets - with themes of all tastes. Our chefs can prepare food from all over the world, with tasty menus fo all occasions.

Mingle and cocktail - Snacks and nibbles.
Maybe time is not enough for a meal in a restaurant? Let us deliver food for a mingle party in Your stand for a nice and simple way to get together.We serve hors-d'oeuvres that give You an exotic taste experince.

À la carte - comfortable business class.
We serve a first class à la carte. Since as long as we can remember important decisions have been taken around the dinner table. We think that still applies! Choose a classic meal, a seasonal alternative or maybe something a little more exotic. We endeavour to design good food and beverages to cater Your needs and provide a first class experience.

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