Sustainability and environment

Our vision is clear: Elmia will be the world's greenest meeting place.

We are not there yet, but we work hard and consciously on it and we want you as a exhibitor, customer or visitor to feel involved in our environmental work.

The environmental and climate issue is always taken into consideration and is an important parameter in all our decisions.


Renewable energy, energy efficiency improvements, infrastructure and logistics

The electricity used by Elmia is 100% renewable and does not contribute to any CO2 emissions.

Together with Jönköpings kommuns Fastighetsutveckling AB an active collaboration is ongoing to reduce our climate impact. For two consecutive years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 11% per year and we are actively pursuing this work together.

Elmia also works together with ECIS AB to map the entire energy consumption in the properties. Measures are being taken to further reduce energy consumption through new systems on how we control ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting. In several of our exhibition halls, together with ECIS AB, we have switched lighting fixtures to LED and the work will continue.

Cooling from Vättern

Via pumps and temperature exchangers we use the water from lake Vättern to cool the exhibition halls. The water circulates in a closed system, and not only provides energy savings of up to 670 MWh per year. We have also been able to clear about 800 kg of freon from our cooling system.

Solar cells and charging stations

Elmia is running a project together with Jönköping Energy and have set up solar panels on our roofs, for energy storage and energy efficiency, as well as continuos expansion of charging stations for electric cars on the fairground and facilities.

Waste disposal

Active work is underway to increase recycling, reuse and reduce waste and to improve waste management.

Climate-smart products

We are working on developing and lifting new sustainable and climate-smart stand products and services. These are always important parameters when choosing partners and suppliers.

Climat Council

Elmia is a member of the Climate Council, a collaboration organization with members from different corners of society. The Climate Council's Climate Conference 2021 was held here at Elmia. Read more at

Sustainable restaurant partner

Our restaurant partner FC Gruppen works continuously to reduce the climate impact of food and reduce food waste. You can read more about FC Gruppen's work at

Bus transport to the fair

Elmia offers environmentally friendly transport alternatives to exhibitors and visitors and has partnerships with HGL Bus and VY Nettbuss. You can find more information under Bus transport.

Environmental policy - Elmia

Elmia's environmental diploma - Swedish environmental base

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