Elmia Spark Award

Now the most successful and creative Elmia exhibitors will be rewarded. Through Elmia Spark Award, the founders Elmia and Fairlink will take participation in fairs to new heights.


The Elmia Spark Award 2020 nomination is open. Submit your nomination via the form below. No later than December 1, 2020, we want your nomination so do not hesitate to nominate the exhibitors that you think deserve extra attention.

The criterion for participating in the 2020 competition is that the exhibitor must have exhibited at a fair at Elmia or arranged by Elmia during the period 1 January 2020 - 1 December 2020.

The classes are as follows:

Crowd Magnet of the Year: Exhibitor who, by working actively with invitations, got many visitors to the fair as well as his own exhibition.

Innovator of the Year: Exhibitor who used the fair media in both a creative and innovative way with a high ROE (Return on Event) as a result.

Gastronomy Experience of the Year: Exhibitors who with a thoughtful and strategic use of food and drink in the stand managed to enhance the visitor's experience.

Among the nominations received, Fairlink selects five exhibitors in each category who are given the opportunity to supplement with further information. A jury then appoints the three winning companies who, in addition to the award, also have the choice between a kickoff or customer activity at Elmia, worth SEK 30,000.

More info: fairlink.se/tavlingar/

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Spark Award Winners 2018/2019

Innovator of the Year:
Weland för deras deltagande på Elmia Subcontractor

Sustainable Exhibitor of the Year:
Sydved för deras deltagande på SkogsElmia

Crowd Magnet of the Year:
Schunk för deras deltagande på Elmia Automation