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Min hire 2 hours, item no. 51551, price SEK 610

Hire 4 hours, item no. 51552, price SEK 920.

Hire full day, item no. 51553, price SEK 1430

Terms of hire Elmia AB

1. Applicability

The terms and conditions below shall apply unless otherwise agreed between Elmia AB and the lessee.

2. Usufruct

The lift may not be used in contravention of these terms and conditions or in any other way that risks affecting the lessor’s right of possession. The lift may not be used by anyone other than the lessee without the consent of Elmia AB.

3. Collection and return

The lessee shall be responsible for collecting the lift from and returning it to the designated place.

4. Complaints

Elmia AB shall provide the lift in an operational, tested condition, equipped with the necessary protection and safety devices. Any comments on the materials provided shall be reported to Elmia AB when the lift is supplied or before it is used.

5. Use

The lift may only be used for the work duties and in the working conditions for which it is intended in accordance with the communicated rules on operation. The lessee agrees to have read the applicable instructions and have the necessary knowledge in accordance with AFS 2006:6 – Use of trucks. Only authorised, qualified personnel are permitted to use the lift. A training certificate or operator’s certificate must be shown when collecting the hired equipment. During the hire period, the lift shall be handled and stored by the lessee in such a way that the lift is not exposed to damage, prohibited use or theft. The lessee shall be responsible for supervision and care of the lift. The lift may not be moved to a workplace other than that agreed or used by anyone other than the lessee without the special consent of Elmia AB.

6. Hire period

The hire period shall be calculated from the time the lift is made available for collection to the time it is returned.

7. Calculating the hire fee

The hire fee shall be charged in accordance with Elmia AB’s prevailing hire price list and may be adjusted during the hire period. The hire fee shall be charged until the lift is deregistered and returned to the designated place. No hire fee is payable for stoppages and operational downtime that is the responsibility of the lessor.

8. Liability

Elmia AB is liable for costs arising from fair wear and tear. On returning the lift, it must be properly cleaned and in good condition, with due account taken for fair wear and tear. Otherwise Elmia AB shall be entitled to carry out the necessary cleaning and repair at the expense of the lessee. The lessee shall be responsible during the hire period for loss of the lift and for any damage that does not constitute fair wear and tear. Any damage shall be reported to Elmia AB for a decision on how the lift should be repaired. Lifts that are lost or damaged beyond repair shall be compensated for by the lessee with a sum equivalent to the replacement value of an identical or equivalent item. The lessee shall be responsible during the hire period for material damage or personal injury arising in connection with the use of the hired equipment.

9. Cancellation of the agreement

A party shall be entitled to cancel the agreement if the counterparty is guilty of breaching the agreement and does not immediately rectify the situation after being prompted.

10. Disputes

 Disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law and in a court of law unless the parties can agree in writing on arbitration.

11. Consent clause

I hereby consent to my personal data being handled in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act, PUL, by Elmia AB. The data shall be used for administration purposes regarding the hire. The data shall be accessible together with the hire agreements to personnel who work on administration of hire agreements.