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Rules for High Construction/Extended Exposure

To assure safety at our facility, building norms must be followed and the correct material must be available for all construction and exposure. By completing this form with the correct details, we can help you in the best way possible.

The details should be completed by anyone ordering wiring and hanging up rigging, telphers, signs or similar.

Also applies for construction and exposure above the permitted standard height of 2.5 m.


Accepted on the condition that:

  1. A written application is submitted to Elmia AB no later than two months prior to the start of the fair.
  2. The promotional material is at least 2 m from the neighbouring stand.

Construction closer than this is accepted provided the neighbouring stand is notified no later than 4 weeks before the moving-in date.
See the illustration above, point 1.

  1. Construction/exposure more than 2 m from a neighbouring stand may contain text, a logo or some other message. Construction/exposure closer than 2 m to a neighbouring stand must be white and clear. See the illustration above, point 2.
  2. No more than 50% of the stand area may be used for extended exposure.
  3. Such constructions must comply with official Swedish Building Regulations (Svensk Byggnorm) as well as special fire and evacuation regulations prescribed by the relevant authorities.
  4. Stand construction work may not be started before Elmia AB has given permission in writing. Elmia AB reserves the right to request any further particulars it may require.
  5. The use of ‘beach flags’ or similar exposure materials that are freestanding and are above the maximum height of 2.5 m do not require a separate application.
  6. An extended exposure fee of SEK 5,000 will be charged on your service invoice at the end of the fair. Beach flags as per point 7 above are charged at SEK 1,000 each. However, the maximum charge for excess height is SEK 5,000 per stand.


Light rigging and own products above 2.5 m in height are not counted as high construction/extended exposure.