Application for flammable and explosive goods

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Flammable and explosive goods

Elmia must be informed in writing in plenty of time prior to the fair of any handling or storage of flammable liquids or gases.

Explosive or pyrotechnical items must not be used at or brought to Elmia, either indoors or outdoors, without obtaining written permission from Elmia in advance.

Hot work

Hot work such as welding, soldering, cutting, rotary cutting, drying, heating or work with an open flame may NOT be carried out, even during stand construction, without first obtaining written permission from Elmia.

Gas cylinders and handling

While an event is in progress any necessary cylinders/tubes are kept at the stand. At the end of each day of the fair, they should be moved to a place designated by Elmia for overnight storage. They can then be collected or will be brought to your stand in time for the next day of the event.

For full information on Elmia’s regulations, please read Elmia's Technical Guide, under the “Stand building” section.