Cubitron II is revolutionising the grinding industry

A technological revolution with unique performance. That’s how 3M describes its proprietary Cubitron II grinding technology, which the company is demonstrating during the Elmia Welding & Joining Technology trade fair in Jönköping, Sweden.

“It’s a huge revolution in the grinding industry – this big a step hasn’t happened for thirty years,” says Mats Magnusson, sales representative with 3M.

A traditional grinding product normally consists of irregularly shaped and randomly placed mineral grains. In contrast, 3M has developed a technology that creates perfect triangular-shaped mineral grains that are both uniform and designed to continuously fracture to form sharp points and edges.

Dan Eriksson, a sales representative with 3M, says the technology gives big advantages.

“You can grind twice as quickly because the grinder lasts twice as long and it’s thirty percent cooler. That means this technology has significantly better performance than corresponding products of traditional design.”

3M also says that Cubitron II makes the operator’s job less wearing.

“You don’t have to press so hard, which reduces vibration damage to the hands and fingers,” Eriksson says.

Magnus Christensson, a sales rep with the company Svetsteknik in Kristianstad, Sweden, is impressed by the technology.

“I usually say that grinders are grinders but Cubitron II is really different – it’s something totally new.”

3M is demonstrating the technology, which has existed since 2011, at Elmia Welding & Joining Technology.

“It’s an important fair for us and we’ve put a lot of effort into the stand,” Mats Magnusson says. “Our goal is to be number one, not just in Sweden but globally, and in that respect Elmia is important to our visibility.”

Dan Eriksson and Mats Magnusson, sales personnel at 3M.I revolutionises the grinding industry, says 3M.
Dan Eriksson and Mats Magnusson, sales personnel at 3M.
Cubitron II revolutionises the grinding industry, says 3M.
Cubitron II revolutionises the grinding industry, says 3M.