The 2019 jury

Which entries will be nominated and later given a SkogsElmia Innovation Award will be decided by a jury of representatives from various sectors of the forest industry.

The nomination process

All complete entries received will be assessed by the jury. The products that meet the competition rules will be nominated.

The jury chooses the winners

The winners of the award will then be selected from the nominated entries. The nominated products are rated on their innovation value based on a scale that has been developed. The scale assigns points based on various criteria: innovation value, environmental impact, work environment, end product quality and economics/productivity. The average number of points then determines whether the product will receive an award. The jury is not obliged to award any specific number of gold or silver awards; its job is only to see if the product lives up to the criteria. In practice, this can mean that no one wins any award or that all nominated entries receive an award.

The jury consists of:

Mattias Pontén, Fair Manager, SkogsElmia and the jury chair
Per Frankelius, Senior Lecturer, Linköping University 
Magnus Thor, Director Research and Innovation, Forestry Research Institute of Sweden
Göran Andersson, CEO and forest contractor, ELA Skogsservice AB.

The jury’s decisions are final. 

The contact individual for questions is the jury chair, Mattias Pontén, +46 36 15 20 84,