What is SkogsElmia Innovation Award?

SkogsElmia Innovation Award is a prize intended to highlight new and innovative forestry technology. The award-winning products are considered to be of such interest that they contribute to the advancement of the forest industry.

The jury consists of industry experts who initially assess the innovation value. All complete entries submitted are assessed by the jury based on how fundamentally new and innovative the technology is. The jury decides if the product will then be nominated to receive a medal. The nominated products will be presented on SkogsElmia’s website.

The jury will then assess and compare all the nominated products using the criteria of innovation value, environmental impact, work environment, end product quality and economics/productivity.

SkogsElmia Innovation Award is awarded in the denominations of Gold and Silver. For the jury to give a gold award to a product, it must both be new on the market and its technology must be fundamentally new. It must be an innovation that helps to advance Swedish forestry, one that is worth keeping an eye on.

A silver award-winning product has been judged by the jury to be interesting and also innovative. Receiving a silver award means that the product stands out among the nominated entries and has placed among the best when the various criteria were weighed together.

Marketing of the winning entries

The winning entries will be published on SkogsElmia’s website and in a press release in May 2019. The winners will be informed shortly before this publication. The winning entries will also be presented via the fair’s various channels and at the fair itself.

After a product has been assigned a medal, the company can use the SkogsElmia Innovation Award Gold or Silver label in its marketing.

The year of the medal must always be made clear in the marketing. It is only permitted to use the SkogsElmia Award Gold or Silver label together with the winning product and not with general marketing of the company.

SkogsElmia Innovation Award 2019