Ultrasound plus laser in new measuring instrument

Haglöf Sweden develops and manufactures professional measuring systems for field use. In good time for Elmia Wood the company is now presenting its latest new product, the VL5 Vertex Laser: a complete field measuring device that combines measuring with ultrasound and laser.

 “The VL5 Vertex Laser is intended for sophisticated measuring in the field. It’s perfect for preparing and implementing plans and doing many other tasks,” says Jonas Wikner, marketing manager at Haglöf Sweden.

The VL5 can use laser to measure up to 700 metres with high precision.

“If there are a lot of branches and other stuff in the way when you’re working, then you can switch to using ultrasound and transponder and that can measure ‘through’ the obstacles.”

Bluetooth and IR

You can measure a surface, height or angle. Quickly determine the size and volume of a pile of wood chips, the size of green crowns, use it as a relascope or do a host of other jobs.

“Maybe you’re standing on the cutover and need to calculate the number of plants needed. Just measure the points at each corner and you will get the precise area. All the data is also stored in the unit and you can export it directly to Excel or Google Earth. The unit communicates via IR and Bluetooth.
The combination of the two measuring methods makes the instrument very flexible in its use:

“This is our most complete instrument ever for professional measuring. It has all the properties of our ultrasound system combined with a fast, high-precision laser.”

The VL5 Vertex Laser combines ultrasound and laser measuring in a single instrument.