New band sawmill with extra everything

Small-scale wood processing is transitioning from being a trend for self-operating forest owners to being a more professional activity. That’s why Bamsesågen is launching a professional band sawmill at SkogsElmia.

Bamsesågen has been in business for 25 years and its products can be found at many forest woodlots throughout Sweden. With the help of a chainsaw chain or blade, the logs are sawn lengthwise into planks and boards. The sawmill is also used to mill timbers for construction purposes.

Swedish premiere

The results are good but require a lot of manual work. Demand exists for the next size up of sawmill, preferably equipped with a band to reduce sawdust losses, and with automation of the heavy work steps.

That’s exactly what Bamsesågen is exhibiting at SkogsElmia.

“This spring we’re premiering band sawmills from the Polish company Trak-Met,” says Joakim Marklund of Bamsesågen.

Many features

The sawmill comes in both mobile and stationary versions and with petrol-driven or electric operation. It can be equipped as required, including with hydraulics that lift, rotate and turn the logs. Other work-saving innovations are hydraulic blade tensioning, electric levelling, automatic blade sharpening, debarking and extensions.

“There’s also an electric sawdust box that collects the sawdust produced by the saw and is emptied at the press of a button. The sawmill can be equipped so that the operator can stand in one place and take care of everything,” Marklund explains.

A public magnet

Equipment for small-scale wood processing has been a big attraction for many years at SkogsElmia, so Trak-Met’s new sawmill will draw the crowds.

“It’s an enjoyable fair with knowledgeable visitors and we’re looking forward to exhibiting at it,” Marklund says.


Welcome to SkogsElmia!