Innovative chainsaws with a focus on cutting capacity

In recent years Husqvarna has improved the efficiency of its chainsaws by almost 25 percent. The latest advance is being presented at SkogsElmia on 6–8 June: two newly developed 50cc models. “Only a couple of parts and the names are holdovers from previous models,” says Lasse Strandell of Husqvarna.

The models are the 545 and 550, both with a cylinder displacement of 50cc. The new models have been given the designation Mark II. The chainsaws have been totally redesigned to fine-tune their performance. The power output has increased by 7 to 8 percent but that’s just the beginning.

Higher capacity

“Our focus is to increase the cutting capacity by looking at the machine as a whole. The new saws have 15 percent more capacity than their predecessors,” Strandell says.

Other important points have been handling and safety. Among other measures, Husqvarna has redesigned the engines for better balance and less vibration.

The previous models were presented in 2012, when they replaced the long-serving Husqvarna 346. Compared with that, these latest arrivals have about 25 percent greater cutting capacity. Basically, that means the job goes faster and uses less petrol and chain oil.

One important aspect of the improvement is Husqvarna’s own X-Cut chain and X-Force bar. Having in-house R&D makes it easier to optimise the machine as a whole, which is the explanation for the improvements offered with the Mark II models.

Monitoring service

At SkogsElmia, Husqvarna is presenting its entire forest products range, including clothing and protective gear. The company is also aiming at allowing test operation of its new chainsaws during the fair.

At Elmia Wood two years ago, Husqvarna launched its Fleet Services offering for chainsaws and brushcutters. With this system, a company can keep track of its machine fleet with the help of sensors on the machines plus a cloud-based service. The service monitors operating times, keeps track of when it’s time for the next service, and detects faults before they occur. Husqvarna was the first to offer such a service and demand for it is now increasing.

“Interest is growing, especially among brushcutting contractors,” Strandell says.

Husqvarna is exhibiting and presenting its products and services at SkogsElmia in Jönköping on 6–8 June 2019.



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