Hydrostatic drive on the new Alstor

For the first time Alstor’s small, nimble forwarder comes equipped with hydrostatic transmission and lockable differentials front and back. This engine upgrade should produce a smooth and powerful drive even at low revs. The model is the 840 Pro and it made its debut at Elmia Wood.


“Our eight-wheeled mini-forwarder is for individual forest owners who do their own work,” explains Gösta Gustafsson, sales rep at Alstor. “But we’re also seeing that contractors are complementing their machine fleets with our small machines – for smaller areas, sensitive ground and so on.”

The upgrades on the 840 Pro include not only the important changes to the engine but also ones to the chassis and crane.

“The load capacity is three tonnes – that’s about a 500 kg increase over the previous model. The standard version of the crane is 5 metres with a swing-dampened grapple.”

The 840 Pro can also be combi-equipped with a harvester head.

The Alstor 840 Pro is the company’s first machine with hydrostatic transmission.