Great fun at Champs of Logging’s safety shows

Champs of Logging’s competitions and shows have become something of a tradition at Elmia Wood. The competition stages are designed to inspire the audience to use chainsaws safely.


With the Nordic countries as their workplace, Champs of Logging offer training classes, do felling jobs, work as arborists and hold courses for participants to get licences to operate chainsaws and brushcutters.

“And we also organise competitions too. We’ve appeared at every Elmia Wood since 2005 and it’s great to meet Elmia visitors again,” says Christer Stolt of Champs of Logging.

The competitions begin with every participant being given a new chainsaw with a new chain and new guide bar.

“But we’ve been a bit mean and really blunted the chain. So the first stage of the competition is to sharpen the chain. Then they have to use the chainsaw in everything from precision bucking and cutting young birch stems under tension, to felling trees including calculating where the trunk will fall and so on. The competitions are held using knockout heats, which the public enjoy. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer and get inspired,” Stolt adds.

The sawdust flies and the jokes come thick and fast when Champs of Logging do their safety shows at Elmia Wood.
One of the competition stages involves calculating safety margins and cutting young birch stems under tension.