Equipping the forest against storms and bark beetles

Malwa came to SkogsElmia to talk about bark beetles. But forest owners were more interested in preventing storm damage.

Malwa manufactures small professional forest machines. Demand has increased greatly in recent years, because a small machine can more easily manoeuvre inside tree stands without requiring strip roads. That saves trees, which is extra important when bark beetle trees must be dealt with. With a full-size machine, more trees must be removed en route to the affected stand.

During SkogsElmia, Malwa exhibited a machine specially equipped for dealing with bark beetle trees. It was a forwarder with a processor on the load bed plus a crane with a grapple saw. The forwarder had an attached trailer for transporting the resulting timber.

“The processor can handle stems with a circumference of up to 55 centimetres but then you have to use a chainsaw to do the felling. The grapple saw can handle up to 30 centimetres,” explains Magnus Wallin, founder of Malwa.

Many forest owners thought that sounded interesting but felt there was a greater need to equip their forests against storm damage.

“Many people are considering the strategy involved in thinning. The choice is to use stand-operating machines and save more trees or to continue with strip roads,” Wallin says.

The demand for Malwa’s forwarders and harvesters proves that more and more people are choosing the stand-operating option.

Magnus Wallin in front of the forwarder equipped to deal with bark beetle trees.
Magnus Wallin in front of the forwarder equipped to deal with bark beetle trees.