The forest - the right environment

The basic concept behind Elmia's forestry fairs is to actively demonstrate forestry machinery and equipment for modern silviculture in its proper element: out in the forest. A live fair with vivid demonstrations which truly reflect Scandinavian forestry.

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To make this idea work in reality, a complete fair ground concept with everything from traffic and parking to toilets and restaurants must be built up out in the forest - only to be used for a couple of days! Accessibility, quality and safety are our three guiding-stars in the effort to create the most realistic marketplace for forestry operations.


Everything in forestry

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It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, forest owner, employee or haulier - you will certainly find what you are looking for! And more besides.

During SkogsElmia 2011 forest was harvested and small-scale sawmills, log splitters, scarification equipment, GPS equipment and trailers were also in full swing.

SkogsElmia lasts only for three days. Many visitors spend one day at the fair trying to fit everything in. We strongly recommend that you stay longer - you will need the time!

Two alternating fairs

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Until the end of the 80:s all Elmia forestry fairs were called Elmia Wood. They were all international and biennial. After Elmia Wood in 1989, it was decided to hold the international fair, Elmia Wood every four years. Instead a smaller and specifically Scandinavian focused forestry fair, SkogsElmia, was founded and is now held between the international fairs. In this way, the Swedish audience still can visit a forestry fair every two years.

The world's leading dynamic forestry fair

With 533 exhibitors and 54 215 visits in 2013 Elmia Wood is presently the world's largest dynamic forestry trade fair. Our smaller Scandinavian fair, SkogsElmia, is among the five largest forestry fairs in the world. SkogsElmia 2011 attracted 33,209 visitors and 323 exhibitors.

Meeting point

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SkogsElmia is a meeting point for forest people from all over the world. Here not only do you conduct business, a lot of people take the opportunity to make the trip to Elmia Wood to an event of their own; forest owner's organisations, banks and roundwood buyers organise bus tours. Forest owners, entrepreneurs and employees take the opportunity to meet old friends and schoolmates between the business meetings.

The catalogue on the Internet

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The fair continues for a long time after the closing of the gates. Therefore it is of importance that information about products and suppliers are easy to find also after the fair. The fair catalogue is published on the Internet a couple of weeks prior to the fair.

We hope that our web pages can help you to optimise your participation or visit before, during and after the fair.

Group travel

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In order to support and develop all forms of contacts, we can amongst other things help you to organise or take part in group travel. If you want to know more about this, please visit our homepage closer to the date.