Wireless weighing with Tamtron

Tamtron AB have brought a new product to SkogsElmia that they already know will be a success when it goes into production and hits the market this autumn – a new crane scale with wireless transmission. ­


“We’re presenting it here at SkogsElmia for the first time now as a small test, and everyone we’ve spoken to is interested,” says Tamtron sales rep Fredric Jonsson. “There’s been a very positive response and we’re very pleased.”

The wireless crane scale has been developed in cooperation with Indexator, which built the crane components. Tamtron is behind the technology and fine details.

“We haven’t had this technology before – instead, our crane scales have been connected with hoses,” Jonsson explains. “But this whole product is a response to our customer’s wishes – that’s what drives us.”

Not having to use 15 to 20 metres of hydraulic hose means that the scale is independent of the outdoor temperature. The intelligent system is also independent of the operator – the electronics compensate for all motion and give stability and accuracy. The weighing system has also been equipped with a simple easy-to-use battery system that uses ordinary batteries.

Tamtron plans to start production after the summer, with sales to begin later this autumn.

“We already sense here and now that we have good demand. And our test operator who’s using the equipment now is so pleased with it that he’s refusing to give it back,” Jonsson says with a smile.