Vimek in the far north of Sweden is continuing to grow.

Last year ended with record revenues and 2015 has begun just as well. Vimek in the far north of Sweden is continuing to grow.
“Of course it’s fun to go to work right now,” says CEO Fredrik Lundberg.

The small locality of Vindeln 55 kilometres northwest of Umeå has only 2,300 inhabitants but their forestry industry expertise and products are sought after in more and more countries. Both Vimek and its parent company Cranab are located there. They employ more than 200 people and their joint turnover is in the tens of millions of euros. When the 2014 financial statements were published recently Vimek’s annual sales were for 6.6 million euros, more than ever before.

Vimek’s small forwarders and harvesters have become increasingly popular among both private owners of forest land and large-scale contractors who want to complement their heavy machines with smaller and more nimble ones for less harmful thinning.

Lundberg says there is no immediate secret behind the company’s success; instead, it is the result of long-term and strategic work.

“As a small manufacturer we must be humble and skilled at all stages of the chain,” he explains. “Our attitude and how we approach the work are of key importance. Highly engaged and skilled personnel lay the foundation for success.” 

The company is continuing to work the North American market and is now also moving into Brazil.

“We’ve been surveying Brazil for some time now and have long-term plans there,” Lundberg says. “Our machines are well suited to Brazil because their forest industry is dominated by plantations.”

Export success is not the only cause of Vimek’s increased turnover. Sales are also increasing in the domestic Swedish market.

“We’ve grown in Sweden as much as we have internationally. Every year about half our turnover has come from exports and half from sales in this country and that trend is continuing.”

Lundberg is positive about the future and believes Vimek will continue to grow.

“Our long-term plan for the next seven or eight years is to grow by ten percent a year. Both the target and rate of growth are realistic. We’re constantly getting enquiries from new markets.” 

During SkogsElmia Vimek will share a stand with its sister company, Bracke Forest. All the new products for all the machines will be presented there.

“Especially for our big machines, the forwarders and harvesters, we will be presenting a lot of innovations. There will be real facelifts,” Lundberg says.

About a dozen people will demonstrate the new developments.

“The innovations are a result of the close cooperation we have with our customers. It’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to develop our products.”