Two global firsts in the same firewood processor

Japa from Finland had the world premiere for its new firewood processor, the Japa 435 Perfect Split, at SkogsElmia.

The machine is designed for professionals and features two patented innovations.

“Consumers don’t want a lot of scrap material and they want their firewood logs to be about the same size,” says the company’s managing director, Henri Nurminen.


That was the starting point for the product development. The result is a unique splitting function. The logs are split with a method that resembles using a cheese slicer. The resulting firewood has the same size almost regardless of how thick the original log was.

“The method also uses less splitting force and has a better end result,” Nurmanen says.

At the next stage the firewood passes through a shaking sieve to remove the scrap material, which lands on a conveyor belt and is then collected. The final result is better quality and less scrap for both the firewood producer and consumer.

Japa also launched a firewood machine for home use. It cuts and splits the logs like a professional machine but is much simpler and more robust. It can produce firewood up to 40 cm in length and split logs with a diameter up to 23 cm.

Bo Jadeborn of Japa’s Swedish distributor, Nordfarm, sums up the advantages of the new Japa 235:  “High safety and a significantly lower price.”