The first simulator for small harvesters

Small forest machines are becoming more and more like their big brothers, with features like computer support and spacious cabs with a good working environment. On top of that, at SkogsElmia Vimek presented a professional harvester simulator.


“Operating the harvester in the simulator is very realistic,” says its developer, Anders Hansson, who demonstrated it at the fair.

The simulator has the same control system and operating controls as the real Vimek 404 T5 harvester. Add the visuals on three screens and the result is as close to reality as you can get.

“I have personally felled real trees and cut them to length after having trained on the simulator,” Hansson says. “There are many similarities between the simulator and real life.”

Vimek will use the simulator for training and for marketing its small machines for professional use. Using the simulator, it becomes obvious that a smaller machine has advantages, especially in doing first thinning. And not just because there is less ground damage.

“With a bigger machine the strip roads are so wide there’s not much left to thin. The result is that thinning is not done properly between the strip roads,” Hansson says, demonstrating two computer simulations of doing first thinning using a small and large harvester respectively.