The X series tractor revived at SkogsElmia

Valtra previously manufactured an agricultural tractor with articulated steering, the X series tractor, but stopped production seven or eight years ago.


At SkogsElmia the tractor was relaunched in an improved version.

“The new version has both articulated steering and steerable front wheels, which creates a very tight turning radius and makes the tractor more agile in the forest,” explains Stefan Blom, forestry manager at Valtra’s Swedish distributor, Lantmännen Maskin.

He says it was a changed market, especially in Sweden, that led to the revival of the X series tractor:

“Today’s farmers are multitaskers who farm their fields, work in their own woods and also take on contracting work.”

At the fair the tractor was shown with a variety of equipment, ranging from a crane with a harvester head to a road grader mounted underneath the tractor. With dual steering – both at the articulated joint and with the front wheels – it suits today’s multitaskers in the forest, on the fields and on the road.