The 2015 Gold Axe

The 2015 Gold AxeWe’re looking for the 2015 winner of the Gold Axe. This year’s winner should be someone who has made a difference and is a great enthusiast about the forest’s land and water. The prize will be awarded by Skogsland, LRF Skogsägarna and Elmia at SkogsElmia on 4 June. xx

Water affects us all. Most forest owners live in and tend their forests near water. Many forest management measures can affect the ground and water. This year the Gold Axe jury is therefore looking for a forest owner, or for someone who does practical forestry work, who has taken personal responsibility for protecting and preserving the forest’s water. This could be someone who has innovative practical solutions for protecting the ground and water while the forest is being managed. It could also be someone who has contributed to a constructive dialogue about the forest’s water.

We are setting no limits on who can be nominated. In brief, we are looking for a down-to-earth individual who is a great enthusiast about the forest’s ground and water and who has made a difference to them.

How to nominate your candidate?

Write a justification for why your candidate, or you personally, should win. Include the name, address and phone number of your candidate.

Send your nomination to Skogsland, Box 30133, 104 25 Stockholm or email to Don’t forget to include your own name, address and phone number.

Questions about the Gold Axe will be answered by Marie Henningsson, Skogsland’s reporter in Jönköping, tel 036-30 62 65.

Your nomination must reach us by 27 April.

By nominating a candidate for the Gold Axe you will participate in a draw for admission tickets to SkogsElmia 4–6 June.