Sampo’s first harvester at SkogsElmia

At this summer’s SkogsElmia Sampo Rosenlew will be presenting its new FR28 forwarder for the first time in Sweden. The biggest news is that it’s made by Sampo.

The first harvester from Sampo Rosenlew is making its Swedish debut at SkogsElmia.

The Finnish manufacturer has long focused on harvesting, first with agricultural threshers and then forestry harvesters.

“Our harvester customers also wanted a forwarder,” explains Mikael Ingemarsson of Sampo Rosenlew.

That is both because the contractors had good experience of the harvesters and because using the same make of machine saves money as some of the same parts can be used in both machines, there is only one service supplier, etc.

The new FR28 has 10 tonnes of load capacity and is designed for use in first and second thinning. The forwarder matches what is currently Sampo’s only harvester model, the HR46. The bigger 1066 harvester is being redesigned.

The FR28 is slightly lighter in weight than similar forwarders, has good accessibility and is based on proven components. The cab has a new design with a focus on a good operator environment. The engineering design focused on high accessibility and thereby better economy for the forest contractor.

Sampo’s decision to focus on machines for use in first and second thinning is due to the type of forest in Finland and Sweden. The need for new machines in this size category is growing due to the large and increasing need for thinning. The issue has been discussed for a long time and now there is more pressure to do thinning.

“If the size of the machines is well suited to the work they do then the contractor’s costs are lower,” Mikael Ingemarsson says.

The FR28 has previously been presented at various stages of development at trade fairs in Finland. The finished result is being exhibited at SkogsElmia 4–6 June for the first time in Sweden.