Rebirth of a classic with moveable equipment mountings

A classic Swedish forest machine reappeared in a new guise at SkogsElmia. Järnhästen (the Iron Horse) is a tracked vehicle that has been used for the past 31 years to move logs and moose carcasses.


“A Norwegian customer suggested we should improve it by adding moveable mountings for attached equipment,” explains Dick Henriksson of the manufacturer, Lennartsfors.

The idea turned out even better than expected. There are two versions of the moveable mounting: mechanical and hydraulic. The latter led to the machine also being given a hydraulic pump, which can also be used to operate a variety of equipment.

“At the same time we also switched to a new type of track,” Henriksson says.

The result is a new generation of Järnhästen that offers new possibilities. The moveable equipment mounting means that the length of the entire rig can be adapted to the terrain. Järnhästen operates even better off road now and the hydraulic pump means the machine can be used as a platform for a range of equipment.

“We’re looking at the possibility of mounting a crane and a load swap platform, among other things,” Henriksson reveals.

The new version is called Järnhästen Flex. Its predecessor is still in production under the name Classic.