Premiere for Sampo’s first forwarder

Finland’s Sampo Rosenlew are specialists at harvesting – both in agriculture and forestry.

At SkogsElmia they presented their first-ever forwarder.


“Our harvester customers have been asking for a forwarder for years,” says marketing manager Harri Uusi-Rauva.

The forwarder shown at the fair is the FR 28. It is a conventional forwarder in the ten-tonne category. Low weight has been prioritised to reduce ground damage. Unloaded the machine weighs 13 tonnes. But the real news is that its manufacturer is Sampo Rosenlew.

“It is simpler and more efficient for contractors to have a forwarder and harvester from the same manufacturer,” Uusi-Rauva says.

The newcomer adds Sampo Rosenlew to the list of interesting options for contractors who have hitherto avoided the brand due to the lack of a forwarder.

“We’ve met with a lot of interest here at SkogsElmia and if this launch goes well there can be more and bigger forwarder models,” Uusi-Rauva concludes.