Lako is back in Sweden

Lako Forest has been a leader in the development of harvesting heads in Finland. But the company has not had a Swedish distributor for a number of years. At this year’s SkogsElmia Lako is returning to Sweden with several new heads.

Lako Forest is presenting new harvesting heads in its 2-series at SkogsElmia.Lako Forest has made harvesting heads for more than 30 years. The company has distributors around the world but has lacked one in its nearest neighbour to the west for a number of years.

“The Swedish manufacturers are so strong that we chose to focus on other markets,” explains CEO Turkka Lastunen.

Now, though, he believes Lako’s new harvesting heads will allow the company to handle the Swedish competition. The relaunch will occur at SkogsElmia on 4 to 6 June.

The big innovation is the updating of the Lako 2-series designed for thinning and harvesting energy crops. The head has a modular construction and can be updated later.

“We will also be presenting new versions of the 3- and 5-series,” Turkka says.

The 3-series is designed for second thinning and final felling, whereas the 5-series has powerful final felling heads. Lako will also present a new version of its harvesting computer Motomit at SkogsElmia.

Lako delivers its harvesting heads around the world for use on various types of carrier machines. One speciality is the felling of cultivated eucalyptus, where Lako has special heads that both debranch and debark the trees.