Innovative solutions for chipping and grinding in the forest

A highly competitive market for wood chips is driving innovation.

At SkogsElmia several innovative cost-reduction solutions were presented. One of them is a grinder from CBI in the United States.


The unit is designed for use in the forest and everything is mounted on a truck trailer. The crane is mounted on the truck itself.

“It’s American strength combined with European trailer expertise,” says the company’s founder, Swede Anders Ragnarsson.

The innovation solves the following problem:  The grinder is driven into a forest road. The material to be ground is heaped on both sides of the road. To feed it in from both sides, the entire unit has to be turned around. This takes time and reduces efficiency. What CBI has done is to build a complete unit on the trailer with the ability to rotate both the infeed and radial discharge in both directions. The trailer can stay in one place and grind all the material in one go. Because the radial discharge can also rotate, it is easier to fill several containers one after the other.

“The rear wheels of the trailer can also be moved by remote control, which reduces the turning radius and makes it easier to drive the entire rig in the forest,” Ragnarsson says.

The mobile grinder launched at SkogsElmia is the CBI Magnum Force 5400 Multiflex and is built to be driven on public roads in conformity with European regulations. The height is 4 metres and the width 2.55. The power comes from a 765 HP engine, giving a capacity of up to 140 tonnes per hour.