Flexible roll bar for quad bikes

A flexible roll bar – could it reduce rider injuries on ATVs?

The solution was developed in New Zealand and made its European debut at SkogsElmia.


“The bar creates a survival space if you get the machine on top of you,” explains Mikael Larsson of the bar’s Swedish importer, ATV Lifeguard.

Quad bikes are prone to accidents and a variety of safety measures have been discussed. One suggestion is to add a roll bar.  The disadvantage is that a heavy roll bar raises the centre of gravity and increases the risk of the bike rolling over.

The New Zealand solution is a lightweight construction of injection-moulded plastic segments linked by cables. If the vehicle tips over and the rider ends up underneath, a survival space is created under the vehicle and the roll bar shapes itself to the ground, stopping the rider from being crushed.

“The construction is tested and it works,” Larsson says. “Of course it’s not a pleasant experience to end up under a quad bike even if it is equipped with a roll bar but you have less risk of being seriously hurt.”