Czech competition in smaller forest machines

At SkogsElmia eight years ago, the Czechforest machinery manufacturer Novotny made an attempt to break into the Swedish market. It was not very successful. 


“But now there’s a demand for smaller forwarders,” says Thomas Fransson of the Swedish distributor, Fröseke Industriservice.

At this year’s SkogsElmia it was again time to present machines from the Czech Republic. This time they met with great interest due to their size. With a load capacity of 5 to 7.5 tonnes they are a step under the established manufacturers’ smallest machines.

“There’s a pent-up need in the market for smaller forwarders,” Fransson says.

Novotny is also developing a harvester. The company had hoped to display a prototype at SkogsElmia but decided to first do extensive testing at home before presenting the design to the Nordic market, which is the biggest in the world for CTL machines.

“Novotny builds its machines with components from the same companies who supply the big manufacturers,” says Fransson. He has no doubt that the harvester, like the forwarders, will satisfy contractors’ demands.

The Czech Republic is also an important export market for a number of Swedish manufacturers of machines a step smaller than Novotny’s series of forwarders and the coming harvester. Now that smaller machines are becoming more sophisticated and competent, the country has a domestic competitor who also aims to become established in the Nordic markets.