Austrian global debut at SkogsElmia

Pewag, an Austrian manufacturer of tyre chains, chose to have the world premiere of its new tracks for forest machines at SkogsElmia.

Pewag“This is the result of two years’ product development,” says Hans Niklasson, who is in charge of Pewag’s Nordic sales.

Pewag is a world-leading manufacturer of tyre chains for the mining industry but the company also makes chains for forest machines. Tracks have never been part of its range but they are in increasing demand as more and more attention is focused on the issue of ground damage.

“We started development two years ago with the aim of creating more durable tracks,” Niklasson says.

The result is three types of tracks for different ground conditions with a larger tempered surface and three asymmetrically placed studs on each of the forged links. Pewag says the tracks will be more durable and have a better grip in the forest.