Small harvester with a watertight computer

“We’ve already sold ten machines in Finland. Sweden tends to be more open to innovative products, and that’s certainly been confirmed by the response here at SkogsElmia,” says Niiles Airola, CEO of the Finnish forest machine manufacturer Usewood.

Usewood was one of a number of exhibitors presenting the latest trend in forestry: small professional machines. The Finnish company’s contribution is an articulated harvester for cleaning and thinning stands.

The Usewood Pro has a lot in common with its full-size cousins, including a sturdy frame and robust components that can take a real beating.

“This is a machine built for professional use,” Niiles confirms.

One small disappointment was that the harvester exhibited at the fair was equipped with a brushwood cutter. Such attachments have long been available on other machines in this size category. Usewood has also developed proper felling grapples with built-in measuring equipment but none was on display at SkogsElmia.

What was on show was the harvesting computer inside the cab. Because the basic machine has an open cab, the computer is a watertight PC. Its basic function is to act as a navigator and display a map for the harvester. Other software and functions can also be added.

“Because Swedes tend to welcome innovations more than we do in Finland, we have high hopes, and the response at the fair has been very positive,” Niiles concludes.

“The harvesting computer in our mini-harvester is a watertight industrial PC,” says Niiles Airola.
There was a lot of interest in small forest machines at SkogsElmia. This is the Usewood Pro, which was being exhibited for the first time outside its homeland, Finland.