Small diesel tanks stop fuel thieves

The problem of diesel theft was a topic of more than just conversation at the SkogsElmia forestry fair at the end of May near Jönköping, Sweden. Several exhibitors showed small diesel tanks.

“The tank holds enough fuel for one day’s work,” says Camilla Fherm of the Swedish company Färmartanken AB.

Individuals of the less scrupulous variety have discovered that forest contractors can leave large diesel tanks out in the woods when working in the area. The theft problem is getting bigger and locks and suchlike are no help.

The solution is to take a tank that holds just enough fuel for a day’s work. The problem is that fuel transport is strictly regulated, requiring a permit, approved tank, etc. That is why it is practical and more economical to leave a large tank at the work site.

However, a legal loophole allows up to 450 litres of diesel to be transported without requiring a permit as long as it is for personal use – such as in the operator’s forest machines.

This makes it possible to stop the thieves by simply taking the tank plus any remaining fuel in it home after a day’s work. The next day, a simple stop at the petrol station will refuel the diesel tank.

“There’s a big demand for small diesel tanks,” Camilla says.

Forest professionals aren’t the only customers – the same problem exists for farmers and other mobile workers. Another advantage is that there is no need to apply for a permit nor to have the tank officially inspected.

“More and more contractors are shifting to small diesel tanks to stop theft in the forest,” say Karin Ebbeholm (at left) and Camilla Fherm.