Finland’s biggest forestry fair – in Sweden

This year SkogsElmia looks like it will be Finland’s biggest forestry fair.

“My impression is that there’s more interest from Finnish exhibitors now than there was prior to SkogsElmia 2011,” says Rainer Rönnback of Viexpo, Elmia’s representative in Finland.          

Finland’s biggest forestry fair – in Sweden

SkogsElmia is a regional fair for the Nordic area and countries around the Baltic Sea. It will be northern Europe’s biggest forestry fair in 2015, and this attracts interest from exhibitors in a number of countries, not least Finland.

“The big companies regard Sweden as part of their home market,” Rönnback explains. “For the smaller ones, Sweden is their first export market. It is geographically close by and the countries’ cultures have a lot in common – the forests are part of the national soul.”

Sweden is also the world’s biggest market for machines and other products developed for the cut to length method. In addition, the big Finnish forestry fair will not be held until next year, which means that Finnish exhibitors and visitors are choosing to come to Jönköping this year.

“There will be a number of exciting new products from Finland at SkogsElmia,” Rönnback says.

Usually bus excursions are organised from Finland. At least as many people as in previous years are expected to make their own travel arrangements to come to Jönköping. This means that SkogsElmia will also be the place where Finnish exhibitors meet Finnish customers.

There is also a lot of interest in the forestry community in another Elmia project, the

Forest Romania fair, which will be held for the first time in Romania on 16 to 18 September. Elmia and Viexpo recently organised a Finnish-Romanian evening in Tampere.

“About 20 exhibitors were there,” Rönnback says. “There is a lot of interest, particularly from the bigger companies, because Romania needs Nordic forest technology and is inside the EU.”