A really big world premiere from Ponsse

It certainly is big, Ponsse’s new ElephantKing forwarder, which had its world premiere at SkogsElmia outside Jönköping, Sweden on 26-28 May. But judging from the great interest at the fair, the machine is exactly what many forest contractors are looking for.

“We’ve had a good response to the forwarder,” confirms Johan Wermlund of Ponsse.

The ElephantKing has a curb weight of 22.9 tonnes and can haul 20 tonnes of timber on its 6.25 square metre load bed.

“The dimensions of every component have been scaled up compared with the old Elephant, which can haul 18 tonnes,” Johan says.

The bogies, axles and gearbox of the eight-wheeler are completely new. Both Elephant models share the same cab and engine, a diesel from Mercedes Benz of 275 hp and 1,100 Nm torque. The combination of engine and transmission produces an impressive tractive force of 240 kN, which guarantees that the Elephant can make it over rough ground with a full load.

The crane is a Ponsse product and has up to nine metres of reach and a lifting moment of 145 kNm.

Despite its size, the machine is nimble, with an outer turning radius of 8.6 metres, 800 mm ground clearance and good ground bearing capacity with eight wide wheels.

The new super-sized Ponsse ElephantKing forwarder is indeed big, confirmed visitors to SkogsElmia.
Under the hood are an engine and transmission that produce a tractive force of 240 kN.
The biggest new product at SkogsElmia, the twenty-tonne forwarder from Ponsse.