Unique woodsplitter concept

The concept of our firewood splitters is unique; they may be collected in the factory, by the reseller or improved later by the client, who can add the required components to adapt functionality in compliance with the needs. It is the most practical firewood splitter on the market having the widest range of additional options.
We demonstrate there our new range of firewood splitters. We have unique concept on the market which based on basic machine where are possible mount different moduls:
• Legs or trailer (registrable)
• Blade adjusting with pin, manual or hydraulical
• Log lifting
• Power from tractor hydraulic, separate hydraulic station, electric or petrool engine
• Blades which splitting log into 2/4 or 6

Estre is an engineering company with long history, which today is a modern European enterprise that develops and manufactures efficient agricultural, forestry and road maintenance equipments.

Forestry products - firewood splitters, log choppers, log winches, timber lift grips

Road maintenance products - snowplows, snow blowers, sand spreaders, chain mowers

Agriculture products - hay-bale loaders, rotary mowers, grain crimpers