News from our exhibitors

Hakki Pilke

Hakki Pilke introduces patented Automatic Chain tensioner – AC10 in SkogElmia. AC10 is available as optional equipment for the “Hakki Pilke Easy 38” firewood processor and will be available for other professional models during 2016. AC 10 replaces the manual tensioning of the Hakki Pilke saw unit.

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KWF - German Center for Forest Work and Technology
Experts met at the central offices of KWF - German Center for Forest Work and Technology in Gross-Umstadt, Germany in preparation for the upcoming 17th KWF-Tagung (June 9 – 12, 2016 in Roding, Bavaria). The meeting was called to establish the themes for the field trips during the KWF-Tagung and collect proposals for the scientific congress, forums, work groups as well as the KWF-Expo.
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The concept of our firewood splitters is unique; they may be collected in the factory, by the reseller or improved later by the client, who can add the required components to adapt functionality in compliance with the needs. It is the most practical firewood splitter on the market having the widest range of additional options.
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Hassinen Veljekset Oy
This year in Elmia Havel establishes a new product: Stump grinding bucket. The bucket grinds the stumps and leaves the soil even. With the bucket many time-consuming and expensive working phases can be removed.
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Pentin Paja Oy
New universal terrain vehicle Thor will be released to the public eye for the first time at Skogselmia 2015. Pentin Paja Oy stand number 933.
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Visser Horti Systems | Steenbek A/S
Visser Horti Systems developed an innovative yet affordable waxing system to protect young trees. This new waxing machine is compact, uses a minimal amount of wax and reuses it, and yet provides 100% coverage of the stems. This high capacity waxing line is equipped with a packing line and can wax & pack 5000 plants per hour.
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