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The Swedish market for forest machines is shrinking. That’s the conclusion of a review of the past six years’ registrations of forwarders. The average reduction is 16 percent.

New-generation forest owners are managing their own forests and aiming for more than just a return on their investment. At least as important to them is to care for their forests in a long-term, environmentally suitable way. That was clear among both the visitors and exhibitors at this year’s SkogsElmia.

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Pewag, an Austrian manufacturer of tyre chains, chose to have the world premiere of its new tracks for forest machines at SkogsElmia.

A highly competitive market for wood chips is driving innovation.

At SkogsElmia several innovative cost-reduction solutions were presented. One of them is a grinder from CBI in the United States.

Finland’s Sampo Rosenlew are specialists at harvesting – both in agriculture and forestry.

At SkogsElmia they presented their first-ever forwarder.

“This year’s SkogsElmia marks a trend break. Now the major forest companies and their contractors are coming to us.”

Magnus Wallin is the founder of the forest machinery manufacturer Malwa, which makes small machines for professional use.

Tamtron AB have brought a new product to SkogsElmia that they already know will be a success when it goes into production and hits the market this autumn – a new crane scale with wireless transmission. ­

At SkogsElmia eight years ago, the Czechforest machinery manufacturer Novotny made an attempt to break into the Swedish market. It was not very successful. 

Mounding is not an unknown method to forest owners in southern Sweden.

“They totally understand the principle,” says Anders Ekberg of Bracke Forest, who demonstrated the method during SkogsElmia.

Valtra previously manufactured an agricultural tractor with articulated steering, the X series tractor, but stopped production seven or eight years ago.

A classic Swedish forest machine reappeared in a new guise at SkogsElmia. Järnhästen (the Iron Horse) is a tracked vehicle that has been used for the past 31 years to move logs and moose carcasses.

Small forest machines are becoming more and more like their big brothers, with features like computer support and spacious cabs with a good working environment. On top of that, at SkogsElmia Vimek presented a professional harvester simulator.

A flexible roll bar – could it reduce rider injuries on ATVs?

The solution was developed in New Zealand and made its European debut at SkogsElmia.

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Woodtiger is a different kind of hybrid forwarder. The machine has two types of transmission: hydrostatic and mechanical.

“On road the forwarder functions like a normal tractor and can be driven at 30 kilometres an hour,” says Åke Johansson, its designer and owner of Woodtiger AB.

Japa from Finland had the world premiere for its new firewood processor, the Japa 435 Perfect Split, at SkogsElmia.

The machine is designed for professionals and features two patented innovations.

“Consumers don’t want a lot of scrap material and they want their firewood logs to be about the same size,” says the company’s managing director, Henri Nurminen.

At this summer’s SkogsElmia Sampo Rosenlew will be presenting its new FR28 forwarder for the first time in Sweden. The biggest news is that it’s made by Sampo.

Lako Forest has been a leader in the development of harvesting heads in Finland. But the company has not had a Swedish distributor for a number of years. At this year’s SkogsElmia Lako is returning to Sweden with several new heads.

Last year ended with record revenues and 2015 has begun just as well. Vimek in the far north of Sweden is continuing to grow.
“Of course it’s fun to go to work right now,” says CEO Fredrik Lundberg.

SP Maskiner’s reliable SP 451 harvester head has gained an updated successor. It’s called the SP 461 LF and is being presented at SkogsElmia from 4 to 6 June.
“We’ve updated the entire engineering design,” explains sales manager Gustav Granath.

This year’s SkogsElmia is also a Finnish event. Many exhibitors are from Sweden’s eastern neighbour and some of them have also chosen to hold their world premieres in Jönköping.

Ponsse is coming to SkogsElmia with a forwarder that’s 50 percent new. It’s the company’s smallest model, the ten-tonne Gazelle.

“It’s new ahead of the centre pivot,” says Eero Lukkarinen, Managing Director of Ponsse AB in Sweden.

The 2015 Gold AxeWe’re looking for the 2015 winner of the Gold Axe. This year’s winner should be someone who has made a difference and is a great enthusiast about the forest’s land and water. The prize will be awarded by Skogsland, LRF Skogsägarna and Elmia at SkogsElmia on 4 June. xx

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This year SkogsElmia looks like it will be Finland’s biggest forestry fair.

“My impression is that there’s more interest from Finnish exhibitors now than there was prior to SkogsElmia 2011,” says Rainer Rönnback of Viexpo, Elmia’s representative in Finland.   

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Swedish forwarder registrations in 2014:

Komatsu Forest has long been number two in terms of forest machine sales in Sweden. But in 2014 the company overtook market leader John Deere, according to the registration certificates issued for new forwarders by the Swedish Transport Agency. 
“We’ve launched five new models – the result of investments by an owner with a long-term approach,” explains Peter Hasselryd, sales manager for Komatsu Forest in Sweden.

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