Five reasons to exhibit Elmia Wood 2021

Planning is now underway for Elmia Wood 2021 – The whole world’s forestry fair.


Here is five reasons not to miss Elmia Wood 2021:

  • High quality
    In 2017 we had almost 50,000 visitors – but the visitor number is only important if it’s the right kind of visitors. We are now focusing even more on listening to exhibitors’ needs so that together we can attract your specific customers.
  • International display window
    Nordic forestry technology has been developed by small companies in numerous ways. Elmia Wood enables everyone – large or small – to quickly reach the global market. Surely 550 exhibitors from 28 countries can’t be wrong?
  • Innovations
    An invention can be extremely clever but if it doesn’t reach its intended users, it doesn’t become an innovation. Elmia Wood showcases innovators. Innovations that create benefit generate a return on your investments.
  • Demonstrations
    Attempts have been made to hold virtual trade fairs or fairs in huge exhibition halls with clean, shiny machines. Elmia Wood believes in working with the five senses – to benefit both the seller and the buyer. Here you can show your machines in their real environment.
  • On site in the forest
    Sweden is the biggest supplier of roundwood in Europe. It feels natural that we should hold our fair in the midst of the timber supply. Although we modernise the forest with broadband and Wi-Fi plus other high-tech tools. One advantage is that the site is nearby several good-sized cities.

All the know-how and experience of the forest industry will gather at the same place for a limited time. Book your participation now!




The whole fair takes place in the forest. Close to the E4 highway at Bratteborgs Gård in Vaggeryd Municipality, around 30 km south of Jönköping.