How does Matchmaking works?

The matchmaking program has a daily programme where current projects are presented in the morning and during the afternoon, individual meetings are held.

During the morning, a number of selected projects will be presented, providing the conditions, facts and information about the projects. The projects are not quite clear at this stage, but will be presented shortly. Discussions are ongoing with a number of major projects in the areas of tunnels, trams, public transport facilities, roads, ports and airports in the Nordic region.

In the afternoon, individual meetings will take place in 22 minutes. Whoever finds who is scheduled for received requests from all participants. In total there are eight meeting times. A certain number of these will be unoccupied for each participant so that there is room for spontaneous bookings in place.
After 22 minutes the clock rings and new meetings begin. The ambition is that the participants find forms of cooperation that make them qualified for both Swedish and international assignments.

Location: Conference room in Hall B

Registration: The application form. Deadline for registration is September. 13

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